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San Jose, CA

Bad news! Notice the wording!

This is really bad news, considering the wording.

When I had U-verse, I had the capability to receive 622Mbps downstream, and 155Mbps upstream, shared with only at most 32 other user. I had fibre right in my bedroom closet.

What did they give me instead? 18Mbps downstream, and 1.5Mbps upsteam. Pathetic. And no way to buy higher speeds. Not even 24Mbps that is offered to those who only had the capability to receive much less than what I did!

100% of U-verse customers are capable of receiving higher speeds than what AT&T is selling! That's the big conclusion here!


Lindenhurst, NY
When did att start giving users fiber? You sure your not getting confused with verizon fios?


Fishers, IN
AT&T has pockets of FTTH. I am on it.


Birmingham, AL
reply to majortom1029
Some Uverse customers are FTTH


Brooklyn, NY
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reply to Hilbe
said by Hilbe:

AT&T has pockets of FTTH. I am on it.

Network-wide there are most likely less than 225,000 FTTP [RESIDENTIAL] customers on fiber.. out of how many MILLIONS of copper lines they've bought up in the last 1/2 dozen years..
Compare to a Verizon, or even Google Fiber which will surpass them quite handily this year, if they haven't already...

Try geting fiber into communities which have been begging for it first.. then compete with the cable companies.. which will force them to spend money on upgrades..

As of late, the to major telcos, AT&T and Verizon were locked in a battle for wireless customers.. spending just about every cent they have on upgrading, promoting and price gouging for LTE services.. and not interested in promoting landline networks and investing in them...

Pehaps the right ear was bent to make some changes in certain districts.. afterall, congress has not much else to do except whine and complain about things.. what better to complain about then a telecom's not serving the public interest!!


San Jose, CA
reply to majortom1029
I was one of the 5–10% of U-verse customers that was on FTTU, with an Alcatel HONT-C in my closet. In case you don't know, AT&T is too lazy to change their provisioning for such customers, and have never started offering any tiers above 18Mbps — the 24Mbps tier is exclusively offered on single-pair VDSL2 circuits.