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reply to ConstantineM

Re: finally!

pretending that the $30 and $70 plans are identical is very foolish, the $30 plan is intended not to appeal to everyone.
Most people still talk on their cell phone and 100 mins is not enough for most people who use their phone as a phone.
You have to compare apples to apples, all monthly 4G plans come with unlimited talk/text

The value and monthly 4G plans are practically the same, with the exception of the $50 monthly 4G plan that has 100mb of 4G data and the 55 value plans having 200mb.
The $60 plans on value and monthly 4G is the same, 2GB
In fact the only difference is if you sign a contract for the value plan you can finance the full cost of the cell phone into monthly payments.

Your post is sadly misinformed.


San Jose, CA
My post is not misinformed: very few folks need unlimited voice, and SMS is free with Google Voice (and lots of other apps, too).

With the Value line of plans, you get 500 anytime minutes for 34,99, and Unlimited Nationwide 4G is a 30$ add-on, for a total of 54,99. That's already 15$ cheaper than what Unlimited Nationwide 4G is on prepaid! And "Value 500" already includes unlimited night and weekend minutes, so those 500 minutes are plenty.

Heck, even if you disregard Google Voice and any such, and want unlimited SMS right with your carrier, that's still only a 5$ addon on Value. The total is now 59,99.

This is still 10 bucks cheaper than prepaid.

Monthly4G with unlimited voice and text, and either 50$ for 100MB@4G or 70$ for unlimited nationwide 4g, might still be a bargain if you compare 'em to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint, but are still overly expensive compared to all other offerings at T-Mobile USA, including the Value plans and the 30$ 5GB@4G online exclusive.

What T-Mobile should do is eliminate these overpriced and inflexible Monthly4G, and offer the Value plans as prepaid.


My point when comparing plans, you have to compare equal plans. I' ll agree that Monthly 4G plans have less choices, but when doing an apple to apple comparison of the plans available on monthly 4G to equivalent plans on value they are mostly the same. They aren't charging more for monthly 4G, they just have less options, which may be more expensive for some users.

Post-paid customers are still highly valued because they are on contract, that's probably why T-mobile gives post-paid users more choices and the fact that they are cheaper than every other national carrier is worth note and can't be tossed aside lightly. Try to get the deals on T-mobile on any other carriers, you can't. And the difference becomes even more stark when you limit your search to providers who can provide 4G data that in my area averages 6 - 16 mbps.

The fact that they opened up unlimited to monthly4G is a good step and it's something for t-mobile customers to be happy about. I honestly expected them to keep it limited to the more valuable post-paid customers.

If you really think T-mobile's prices for monthly4G are too high, go through a mvno. I use Solavei and get unlimited talk/text and 4GB of data at 4G for $49 a month and you even get roaming. Terrific value.

My final point, cellular in the US is moving away from separate pricing for minutes or texts, everything is moving to unlimited talk + text plus different data allotments. I'm usually not defending carriers, but of all of them t-mobile is the most reasonably priced across the board.
Their is always room for improvement, but it just seems that some people take really good news, like unlimited data on prepaid 4G and just complain no matter what moves a carrier makes.
This move by T-mobile was pro-consumer and helps those of us like me who want to leave contracts behind us.


San Jose, CA
The comparison goes on what would I recommend if someone asks.

It would be very likely for me to recommend the 500 daytime minutes post-paid T-Mobile with 2GB@4G unlimited data add-on, and especially getting a discounted phone on Classic, or the 30$/mo online-exclusive 5GB@4G plan, or, if you really don't need any new phones, the Value plans. But 50$ 100MB@4G or 70$ for unlimited Monthly4G (with no roaming) is not something I see much value in compared to other offerings. Sure, still much more competitive than AT&T, but then who isn't? :-)