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Colleyville, TX
reply to amro4

Re: [DVR] TiVo vs Windows Media Center?

I finally decided to go the WMC/Win7 route instead of TiVo. I tried out stuff on both Win8 and Win7 and am a bit disappointed with Win8. There are a few nice hacks that are available on Win7 MCE that are not on Win8. Plus, I don't have to hack Win8 to boot directly into MCE.

I tried everything out that I want to do in piecemeal. I've now got hardware on order to build my box.

I'm building an AMD A10 based rig on an ASRock MicroATX motherboard w/8G RAM, SSD, 2x1.5TB drives in RAID configuration. Also got an MCE remote with IR dongle that programmed into my Harmony remote just fine. Using the HDHomeRun PRIME 3-tuner box with the option to add another. Will use MyMovies (which I've been using for my Dune media player) to build my movie library using Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre 3 or 5 which integrates into MCE.

With this configuration, I can have my DVR and Blu-Ray viewing on one box and eliminate the FiOS DVR and Dune Media player.


Consider installing a 120gb SSD for the OS (W7-WMC). Do a clean install of the OS; leaving the bloat-ware behind. Your WMC will run like a top with supper quick channel changes and snappy remote response. BTW:You will also enjoy rock-solid system stability.

3x HTPC's HDHR3-CC prime and Hauppaug OTA tuner.

Looking at a new HDHR4-CC that is due out mid 2013.


Palm Harbor, FL
said by billdacat266 :

Looking at a new HDHR4-CC that is due out mid 2013.

That was actually the my favorite announcement of CES, transcoding means that placeshifting is more practical