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Proof is in the throughput ping time!!!

»speedtest.net/result/2353584297. ··· 4297.png

...and there are others who get a full Gbps delivery, mine's listed at 100 Mbps for $55; DL/UL both!!!

This is one to another fiber provider over 250 miles away:

»speedtest.net/result/2353465445. ··· 5445.png

No matter how many of our devices are running at the same time, I have instant streaming when I view Netflix... in other words no buffering EVER with 3-5 seconds to determine my bandwidth and start the content. Top quality video delivery as well. Im still waiting for more 3D Video IP services since Dish doesnt serve 3D channels (like 3Net) but Id pay a small fee for IP access, having the available throughput and all.

Apparently, Netflix didnt include my provider in their results, but you get the articles you pay for these days. Personally, we cant wait for more IPTV service providers.

Big UPs to Utahs FIRST Internet Provider!!!