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Re: [Internet] Unlocking Sagemcom 2864

could you explain what you mean by problems with VoIP, reliability and latency when your router handles PPPoE via sagemcom?

I don' think I have these issues, but I'm on adsl2+
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Re: [Internet] Unlocking Sagemcom 2864

When I let my own router handle the PPPoE connection, passing through the Sagemcom (the closest thing we have to a "bridge" mode in this case), I experience the following VOIP issues:

- One way audio (»wiki.voip.ms/article/One_Way_Audio) - occurs with both outbound and inbound calls.
- Outbound connections that don't complete

Once a call is established, the audio quality is fine. Getting the inbound and outbound calls to complete though (and without one-way audio issues) is difficult. Probably 1 in 5 calls have this issue when I configure my router in this manner with the Sagemcom.

When the Sagemcom does the PPPoE, with the Roter in the DMZ with a DHCP reserced/assigned private IP, I experience NO Voip issues whatsoever.

Although I didn't mention it in my original reply to OP, I also saw varying download speedtest values for the connection when my Router handles the PPPoE connection. My Bell Fibe 25/7 service would drop to 15 during roughly half of my speedtest runs and end up somewhere between 15 and 25 on the other 50%. When letting the Sagemcom handle the PPPoE and putting my router in the Sagemcom's DMZ (with a DHCP assigned/reserved IP from the Sagemcom) my download speed was consistently at 25 mbits/s.

In any case, the passthrough functionality with the Sagemcom is a poor option compared to an actual bridge mode.