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Wilson, NC
reply to itsme74

Re: Drafty, cold air vents in ceiling. HELP!

I thought it was for an exhaust fan too, but I don't have one hooked up.

Just had my energy audit. Those guys told me I had everything sealed pretty tight. He went in the attic and saw I had a roof ventilator and a vented ridge cap. He said he didn't see the purpose in both. I had stuffed a piece of insulation inside the roof ventilator and he said that was ok, but to remember to remove when I start using the A/C in the summer. He said I was right to block off the return vents in the ceiling b/c they aren't doing me any good. I mentioned to him about the air falling out of the vents on the first floor when the heat isn't on and they thought that was the weirdest thing they had ever seen. They couldn't understand b/c it's an indoor system and everything is tight. He suggested I call a heat/air person to come and check it out and to call him when I found out what the deal was so they would know in case they saw the same thing somewhere else. He did say that I may need to have my coils cleaned and that freon my be low. That was pretty much it.