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Glendale, AZ

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Re: New laws keep employers out of worker social media accounts

I told my wife just use Facebook like you would a postcard. Keep work out of it plus keep personal feelings out of it. Just use it for fun and post fun stuff that can never be used against you. Ok yes she posts we have a kid and some employers do not like that still couldn't keep a kid secret anyways for long. So just use common sense.
Plus always realize it is a postcard even with tight security. You see what friends of friends post. They post from work about work and whine. They post and some friends of friends are managers yet they still post.
They post why they did not show up for work too much fun the night before. Then give a different excuse to work. Yet now everybody already knew the truth.
The info I gave my wife was more what and what not to post and she thought it was dumb why would anyone do that. I gave less info on how to totally lock it down as would defeat facebook for her. Then after she was on it for awhile she again realized and odd people can be in what they do and would willing post. Some have no common sense.