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Teksavvy Extreme
Toronto, ON
reply to Ghastlyone

Re: What PC Game Purchase Do You Regret The Most?

On the topic of pirating I can't cast too much judgment since I did my fair share while I was a student.

Now that I am gainfully employed I pay for everything. Also I often buy some of the things I pirated earlier (like the star wars games) on steam so that I can make penance and also have them in the library for replaying.

So to avoid being a hypocrite I wouldn't judge a student but if you are out of school you should be paying.

I've always thought gaming companies might be well-served to offer student discounts. It seems to work for other software, get the students hooked and you'll have customers a long time. I guess it might be harder to see the benefit of that repeat business as a gaming company, but I think they'd still see it.

Script Monkey number 50
Union, SC
reply to Ghastlyone
Recent purchase that I regret: Rage - It looked good and the gameplay (for single player) was ok, but it was way too short for the price. Never being able to get multiplayer to work at all was another nail in the coffin.

Probably the absolute worst and most regrettable purchase was Battle Cruiser 3000. I (and I imagine everyone else) had high hopes for the game, but Mr. Smart was never able to deliver a finished, working game.
I love working at a pay cut.
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