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capt jack


Direct TV

Sounds so much better than crappy Verizon!


You CAN get out of the contract!

If they are NOT delivering what they promised you, they are in breach of contract, and as such you have a legal right to end that contract WITHOUT any penalties or fees as a result. You have given them MORE THAN ADEQUATE TIME TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM YOU ARE EXPERIENCING!

Call them back and politely tell them that you wish to cancel because they are in breach of their part of the contact. Also send a snail mail return receipt requested to the executive offices briefly stating what you have communicated here.


Ok for one, the directv promise is that we provide tv programing that is their agreement to all of there customers. If the equipment is faulty yet its a know issue and it be worked on then they do not let you out of the agreement, you agreed to get T.V SERVICES which means u can watch live t.v then they have every right to charge a early cancel fee cause your tv is working and you are getting programing