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World Traveler
Tulsa, OK

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reply to jpkjeff

Re: no thanks

said by jpkjeff:

But AT&T's grandfathered "unlimited" plans aren't truly unlimited anymore: now they throttle you after you use 3GB (or 5GB on LTE phones).
An "unlimited" plan isn't truly unlimited if speeds are throttled back to EDGE after you've reached 3GB of usage.

It's unlimited to me. I've always streamed Netflix,Slingplayer,and TuneIn with no issues on my 3GS well past 3 gig. Took me a couple of months to realize I was even throttled. I have been averaging between 8-10 gig of data.
I'm not capped. No overage fees.
Didn't see the problem. Didn't matter if I was throttled or not.
I could have gone to 20 gig if I wanted.

That Verizon girl on the bike......
When not throttled she goes fast.(unlimited)
When throttled she has headwinds.(unlimited)
When capped she hits a brick wall.

Now the iPad isn't throttled at all. I'm way past 15 gig and my speed test reads 27up/22dn. I guess so many canceled their account there isn't enough people worth bothering.
The adventure continues...Sanctuary....