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Newtown, PA
reply to dmk08809

Re: [Rant] [LONG]Another Tale of Multiple Truck Rolls

If you want a contact who may be able to help, or point you to another person, PM me.


Clinton, NJ

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I've been meaning to post a followup on this "journey" with Comcast and its ultimate resolution. Before doing so I waited ~4 weeks after it seemed stable to ensure its wasn't another work-for-a-week and crap-out-again situation.

Am happy to report that after MONTHS of persistence our area's trouble appears to have been resolved once and for all. Despite some horrific customer service, rudeness of certain Comcast employees (a minority of them fortunately), and lack of ANY followup, we've had a solid and stable connection for the past 4 weeks.

The trouble, BTW, wasn't just merely due to power company equipment interference like Comcast insisted it was. Sure, its possible it may have been a factor, but it was absolutely not the sole reason. Turns out Comcast ended up stringing ~1/4+ mile of replacement coax mainline cable to this end of town serving my neighborhood as at least part of the fix.

It took nothing short of heroic efforts on the part of my town's mayor to get both JCPL and Comcast to even talk to each another and finally do whatever needed to be done. I realize and hated to bother any town official with such a matter, but as the local franchising authority lead she pulled whatever strings needed to be pulled. I know for a FACT that I wasn't the only one impacted and am also aware that others folks around here complained as well. Not entirely sure but the NJ BPU might have also weighed in somewhere in the process. Maybe because Comcast voice services (including 911) were also chronically impaired ?

Anyway, no more ranging errors, T3/T4 timeouts, or lousy performance. Signal levels look great. Am pretty consistently getting the 50M/10M Blast service we're paying for. Speaking of which, the Comcast WeCanHelp exec support person who barked at me to contact the power company for a cable service refund was obviously off her rocker. My mayor was appalled when she heard that and offered assistance in getting credits issued if needed. A final call to Comcast billing wasn't quite so tense or combative and they did in fact post an appropriate credit for the outages.

Lessons learned: As frustrating as it can be stay the course and don't give up. Be tenacious. Don't believe any excuses that shovel blame onto someone else. Engage whoever needs to be engaged across all levels of Comcast, your franchising authority, and even the BPU if needed. Thanks for the offer Owlyn but it seems resolved now. Too bad it took over 4 (!) months to get fixed and only after tremendous effort on the customer's part. At least I'm sure my neighbors are secretly thankful (haha, yeah right).