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[BC] Telus Home Phone

I have a home phone that is crackly and massive distortion on it constantly since I got it 4 months ago. Is this the kind of service TELUS provides its customers in other places as well? I would like to know if nothing can be done about the quality of telephone service.

I know this isnt a internet question but arnt the two related?

The internet is built on the same sort of audio frequency range the phone uses. If DSL service is layered on the phone service wouldnt the internet service suffer as well.

I have asked once already and had a repair agent come by once already and never even wanted to take a look at the line or do anything. I am sure there is something they can do isn't there?

I have two telus lines Im only using one, what if they hook the two together wouldn't that double up on the available signal in the area? I am not a installer or work for a telco or ever have or ever will but to me that would make sense.

They scheduled another repair visit for the 15th and wondering why I have to suffer with this aweful crackling static and poor line quality for my phone. People can hardly hear me on the other side and keep telling me it sounds like I am in a cave in or something. I cant imagine how unproffesional this is going to sound when I use this for my business plans in the summer.

I am in the Comox Valley area I dont want to be more specific than that.

Can anyone offer me some advice?


Edmonton AB
If the crackling is on a regular handset (not cordless) and on all phones then it is quite likely it's the line. That can be tested right at the demarc box on the house. Now if you have ADSL, does the crackling go away if you unplug the modem? If yes, it's a whole other issue in the house (noise filters, pots splitter may be missing). Hooking to different wire pairs together for the line isn't possible.
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Re: [BC] Telus Home Phone

Try unplugging everything from your lines (modem, phones) and leave it alone for 60 seconds. Plug a good (corded, if possible) phone back into one of your phone jacks. Is it still crackly?

If yes - call TELUS to have a Voice TEST done, which may end up being a tech dispatch. If it's inside wiring within your residence (read: on your side of the demarcation point) you may be charged to have your inside wiring replaced.

If no - plug the modem/gateway back in and let it sync up (see if the internet light starts blinking.) Once this is done, check your phone again. If it's crackling now, then it's either an issue with your POTS splitter and/or your modem/gateway.

If we find out it's the POTS splitter, a tech will have to be sent out to have it replace. They do fail once in a while.

If it's the modem/gateway, call TELUS to have them send you a new modem/gateway, or if you live in a fairly urban area, you can take the modem/gateway and power adapter to a TELUS Corporate store and swap it with a different modem/gateway and that should alleviate it.
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Vancouver, BC
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Phone 611 for repair, if it's from a wired phone and you've tried other phones and you're still having the problem.
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Hey you! Getting FTTH soon?


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Well looks like the problem was solved so far. It was (just moderately) getting better all week but today a tech came out. Wow what a difference. About 2:36 or so the phone lite up like a chrimas tree signal was like booming loud then faded but in a good was way clearer. They must be able to control volume on something out there cuz this thing got so dam loud It nearly knocked my hearing aid out. But Im ok. The voices in my head said " DONT DO ANYTHING DONT DO ANYTHING " so I did something. I dont know why I just feel the need.

The tech called and told me about a really bad rusty connector and my line was crossed with one of the neighbors. Looks like its all sorted out now to me. I was hearing echoes, two dialtones when I picked up and was starting to go nutz figuring that someone was tapping me.

I dont know if they are still working on it but its like 100 times better now so no complains from me I guess. And the internet wow even its better now with 20ms pings to peer1 its almost as if I own the place.

I figure with all this Nortel Scandle of late maybe telus would stock up hardware now that the business has already been looted and all those plesky ceos are tried.

Any who when the internet goes down sometimes I wonder why the first thing I see is a taiwan server and itallian server and indian server.

I wonder why I never see any servers start my connection locally though. It doesn't matter to me but Im glad Telus has someone to maintain the lines these days I think they are really letting things go in this area.

Well it was horrible up to this point it couldn't of got worst. I wonder what a DSLAM or CENTRAL OFFICE is if they had a ip number I could just add them to this recursion list and... never mind. Im sure I would never make a differnce.


Edmonton AB
@noiseystatik. If the problem was a rusted connector / crossed line etc, it had absolutely nothing to do with the ADSL hardware at the CO or DSLAM. It can be from various places along the phone line close to the house depending on if you have aerial lines or buried lines. Static will cause your modem to be unstable and can slow it down or even cause it to lose it's connection entirely.

If you would have mentioned the double dialtones / crossed line, I would have advised to get a tech and ignore the internet as it would not be the cause of the problem.


The problem with the dual dial tones still remains. Its seems to be set up with a millisecond delay. I pick up then someone else picks up instantly after I open the line. Next the echoe cancellation from the other mic and handset was creating a feedback loop and excessive static. When they removed the wire tap at about 2 oclock it worked great and the signal was moderatly weaker but clear and distortion free yet then when they put there filter in it just boosted the problem signal. You seem to be agreesive in your text and genuinely agravated personally with the situation. Unfortunately it seems a group of individuals really seem to be focusing on me in a negetive way.

Its too bad this goes on. Its the threatening tone and hypothetical situations that disturb me the most. If it was me and I owned the place I would send them back to remove the first device whereever it is and go back to that system that was working awesome with no static or listening or boosters attached to it.

I know just enough to keep you looking silly it would appear. So it would be nice if I was part of the conversation since Im so popular.

I really dont want the attention I would rather make use of my talents in a possitive way than be irritated by people pretending Im a bad guy.


Edmonton AB
Having all the information up front allows those trying to help to be able to make accurate assessments of your situation and how best to solve the problem. As for the threatening tone, I am not seeing it. We are here on our own time trying to help out people. Without all the information we are left with hypothetical situations because there could be many variables that could cause problems, especially crossed lines and static.

If you are still having issues with the line, simply request the tech to come back. If there was a rusted connector it's possible the cable infrastructure in your area is older and there could be more than one cause for the problem.
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