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Las Vegas, NV

[NV] Internet Intermittent and Drops

A few weeks ago I started getting intermittent drops. I had the default modem that you get with new service and a D-Link DIR-655. I called cox tech support and they said it looked like I needed a new router. Instead I just went ahead and purchased a Motorola SBG6580 hoping that a new device that can handle both sides of the house would help. I even called before hand to see if there was a combo unit that they knew should work on their network, and it was the best one the tech said he knew of.

I hooked it up and all seemed well for that night.. During the next few weeks and leading to now, I've had the same intermittent drops again! I called tech support, and they say they don't see any problems on the line.


At 1810 I was on the phone with tech support and the automated line reset my connection, so that explains that part.. However I've read on forums that a T3 Timeout is a bad thing..

Anyways, I think those have any prevalent information.. I'm really at a loss here. I even went as far as hooking another wireless device to my Motorola modem to see if the drops still happen, and they are. I thought it was a wireless issue since I get the wifi signal with a yellow exclamation point (usually) on it saying there's a problem, then I wait 5-10 minutes and it starts working as advertised again.

Is there some known problem in the area that the tech on the phone doesn't know about, or am I running out of luck?


Las Vegas, NV
So I had a tech come out today and he basically re-completed the setup from the road to the modem. He was actually incredibly nice enough to swap out the plate in the house and a splitter for no charge since the original tech didn't do everything correctly (by his standards, at least). I'm now getting an upstream bonded power level of around 45, which he said was much better.

Hopefully this resolved the problem, only thing I worry is that when I get television back the problems resurface.. but I'll cross that bridge when it comes.