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We are all Kosh
reply to Rexter

Re: VPN providers being sued?

said by Rexter:

Why don't the AA's(asses) go after the VPN providers, especially ones like IBVPN who advertise Bittorrent friendly?

I'm not totally sure, and for all we know, some VPNs are being sued right now....but my best guess is because any VPN has significant applications for non-infringing use (anonymity, bypassing ISP/national censors, accessing data normally only available to users in a certain country (hulu), etc.). I believe this is the logic that saved the Betamax format in the 1980s.

Even if someone signs up for a VPN that bills itself as "torrent-friendly", it's hard to prove in court that the entire userbase is using it for illegal filesharing.

And, there is lower-lying fruit out there at the moment (warez bulletin boards, cyberlockers, etc.)
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