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Allegro ma non troppo

Camarillo, CA
reply to yyonline

Re: Switches suddenly won't connect to FiOS router (M124-WR)

Did you use the same ethernet cable for the two different switches. Are you using an old crossover ethernet cable or a port marked uplink? I am not familiar with these switches. I have an 8 port linksys plugged into my router with no problems. Try o isolate the fault down to one component.


Thanks for the responses and the ideas.

Good suggestions, but no I didn't use the same ethernet cable or the same power supply (the 5 port switch is actually just a little $15 Tenda switch, but it's doing the job for the moment).

Sounds like I have a bad switch. I hate to spend the money but it appears I'll have to give it a shot with a new switch.