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What does the Tech install to upgrade my Internet?

What does the Tech install to upgrade my internet from regular Turbo to Turbo 25? I am trying to move stuff around and make the area clear so the technician can easily do his job. However, nobody from Telus can tell me the areas the technician needs access to.

Does he drill holes into walls or need to pry out the baseboards to get access to wires?

Vancouver, BC
Probably just swaps out your modem and installs a POTS splitter.
The more I C, the less I see.


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Isn't there ownly two sets of wires? orange and white? Blue and White? theres yellowwire too i think or yellowfibre? its all so confusing I think my green is working but orange just sort of dongles there doing nothing.

Just kidding I have no idea either way I think there is two sets to the home dont most installs from 1970's run two lines to each home? I think the green or blue or orange? Whats this one that looks like a candy cane? Should I even have this open? IHAYSYSY!!! ITS HOT! sheesh there was power on that one I licked it and connected to cable for the hell of it sheesh that was dumb.

I wish someone new what the hell they were doing cuz I sure as hell shouldn't be even opening this.

Just kidding. Sheesh like I would ever open up something like that.

Seriously though I heard of yellowfibre networks do they use the yellow wire only?

Not funny?

I'll keep trying to fine tune my comedy sketch.


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He will need access to the demarc, which is either a box on the side of your house or possibly inside near the fuse box or in a utility room if you are in an apartment. He might need access to your current modem as well.


Well, the tech came today and no extra stuff had to be installed other than getting the new modem. The Action Tech actually works with my D-Link wireless router so it's all good. I am not getting the full 25Mbps but it is pretty close.



V3M 0C6
As you've seen, an upgrade from 15 to 25 is just a software change on your account profile. They probably didn't even need to swap the modem if you were using the latest D-Link model. The G3810 can support 25mbps speeds.