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Victoria, BC
reply to komal

Re: Shaw no support new Super HD from Netflix, boo!

said by komal:

For other ISPs who suffer too much congestion, this is beneficial because it can improve connection quality during peak times.

Isn't congestion usually at the node level? IE the peering in the background would only save the isp whatever their wholesale bandwidth rates are? As far as distribution they would still be sending all the data through the nodes to the customers, and thus still run into congested node problems?


congestion can be at any point between you, and the IP you are getting content from... For the most part this depends on the infrastructure of your ISP.. both their long haul links and at the node level.

The congestion can also be outside of the reach of your ISP... like how my netflix performance (everything else is awesome) during the evening is junk, but next AM it's awesome.

Having fewer hops and a better route to netflix would benefit any customer who uses the service (not just those with the ability to use the new 3D)