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Boonton, NJ
reply to Bones13

Re: [Internet] [OOL] Problem with xbox live for about 4 months

The Rep told you clear as day they STILL saw Your 3rd Party Router, Netgear, still connected to the Modem... If you were telling the truth either you never rebooted your modem, or the modem was still holding onto the Netgear settings which is highly unlikely if you did a hard modem reset after plugging directly to the modem.. More than likely you still had Netgear connected and weren't telling the Truth.. I've worked for TWC and have seen thus happen numerous times after countless times getting ppl to actually remove their routers and hard booting the modem afterwards from the cable companies end...


I never unplugged my modem while over the chat with him. First off, it would have disconnected me from the chat. Second off, i have powercycled the modem so many times now i cant even keep track. I was saying that i didn't think that doing it again this one times was going to change anything, so i asked him if we could skip the step as if it didn't change anything. He was too stubborn to listen to anything i told him. On the note of the controller, i have a few different ones and tried them all. If i've tried multiple xbox's connected to my modem directly via ethernet cord, and still had problems, i don't understand what else i can do from my side of it. Like i said, the modem is brand new after replacing a total of 3. I also had every line replaced going up to the telephone pole at the end of my house. My modem also had it's own separate coax cable which goes through 1 splitter which also had been replaced. When the Tech came, he tested everything and said my connection was great and flying. I completely agree with him because it does for just about everything other then xbox live....


Hicksville, NY
XBOX-Live is an over-the-top Internet service that no ISP, including OOL, will or can support beyond ensuring that your core connectivity works (packet loss, no service, etc.).

What you appear to be expecting of OOL is a support level akin to asking your new car dealer to intervene on your behalf (with whom?) over highway traffic congestion, when all he can reasonably be expected to be responsible for, is to make sure the lot's gate is open when you drive off.

Yes, that crazy.

Microsoft should have all the tools and infrastructure at their disposal to run 'big-data' performance analysis on players' network performance - and be able to tell whether it's just you or your entire ISP having trouble, or whether the numerous CDN/gaming servers they are running are in good health and reachable with low latency from your location. (Netflix indeed knows such key performance indicators ; all you get to see of them are their monthly "ISP scorecard" performance reports).

If MS choses not to make such KPI data part of their own trouble-shooting, network management and support processes, they don't really understand their role as an Internet over-the-top service provider.

OOL for their part, most certainly has the tools and support infrastructures in place to be able to tell that your cable modem is operating properly, and the road's wide open. They will not, and should not care where it takes you: that's your and Microsoft's problem.

PS: My PlayStation Network connection is working fine, even though the CDN Sony uses to distribute content (game updates, PSN Store purchases) is really crappy, and I never get more than 2-3 Mbps for the updates. Again, totally not OOL's fault.


Thanks for the reply

Right now im at a lose of what to ask the xbox reps, or any reps in general about what i can do to fix my problem.

What im looking for is any type of specific things i can ask them to figure of my problem, because at this point i almost feel like i've asked everything /

Any type of help would be great, and again, im willing to do anything in takes to get this problem gone with....


Brooklyn, NY
Do you have this problem in all games or only in some specific ones?
Do you talk only with a few of your friends or do you experience this problem with anybody you talk to?
Have you tried talking your console to your friends or somewhere else where you can connect it online and see if you still experience these problems?
Are you experiencing this problem 24/7 or only during peak usage time?
When your friends used their consoles, did they somehow login into their xbox account or did you use your account?

And be truthful. Making your problem sound worse than it is can mislead in troubleshooting where the issue is.

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1 recommendation

1. Yes, i really only play two games which are Call of Duty and Nhl 13. Nhl 13 is on the EA servers and Call of Duty is over xbox servers. I seem the experience more so lag over the Ea then the xbox servers, but there is still enough over xbox servers me make my experience not very enjoyable.

2. Anybody, i've tried party chat or game chats depending on the game.

3.No, i've never brought my console to their house within the period of my problem happening. It's been to their houses and my grandparents before i started having problems and worked fine.

4.This is the sort of tricky part, i would say about 90% of the time yes, i experience problems, but out of the blue i sometimes get a fairly problem less experience. It's not to the point where its running clear again, but i'd say its on the scale of more playable. As for when this happens, i can't really say it happens at certain times in particular. More of an almost random type thing.

5.When the two of them came, the both sighed into their profiles. While on the topic of profiles, one of the xbox reps had me do a few things with my profile. 1 being going onto it from my computer and updating all my information. He said that an xbox profile is like a key, if part of the key is broken, it you're gonna have problems opening the door. I've also deleted my profile and re-downloaded it a few times.

6.I use turtle beach x12s, so they are wired into my xbox via USB and the Red and White component cables into the back of my T.V. Not quite sure it's a mic issue because when i do get that random 10# spur of somewhat better connection, all voice/chat problems go 100% away but the delayed gameplay still stays.