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Honolulu, HI
reply to Fleeced

Re: [TWC] still lagging after a year

i understand what your saying but all my friends have twc and i've played at their house i took my router and modem to their place and called time warner told them what i was doing and it was totally fine at a friends place so i'm not quite sure where the problem could be it can't be the servers cause none of my friends lag like i do.. it's a really awkward lag i've tried different tv's and av cables... so i wonder if it could be an electric problem in the house since both were bad? and maybe it's something interfering with my signal? cause i notice it fluctuated from month 1 to a year now when i started paying attention to the signals it was 3-4 downstream power and 45-47 upstream power after all those things they've done with the line changes... box changes the downstreams at 11 downstream power and 41 upstream power not sure if that helps but it's all i can think of now... i've tried a lot with the equipment 3 diff modems and 4 diff routers now

That others may surf
Have you ever tried a different pc? Or taken your pc to a friends connection?


Honolulu, HI
i think that may be correct because we had to replace 5 refrigerators within the last year the tv's microwave and electronic have just been going nuts in our house... do you think i should contact a electrician? cause we had a lot of new appliances installed in our newly constructed kitchen and they did wiring too i wonder if they messed up somewhere


Honolulu, HI
reply to DrDrew
well i mostly play console games ps3 and xbox i've tried those but not a pc i use macs only now