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Is there any benefit to buying the $80 FiOS GigE Router?

I have an old Actiontec router from a 5 year old install (Hardware ver. C) whose performance is not great, esp. in wireless. I was debating if I should pay for the $80 GigE router, since verizon refuses to upgrade my current router for free, or if I should invest more in a nice new wireless AP like the asus rt-ac66u. Is there any benefit from the new Actiontec that I would miss if I did a LAN to LAN with this rev C unit?

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You would obviously get gig-E ports on the router. If you got the Asus, you'd have to put all your wired devices on the Asus to get gigE transfers between them.

On the down side, the rev. I is 2.4 Ghz only and doesn't do channel bonding, so your won't get fastest N speeds.

I'd go with the Asus AP.
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Replacing your old main router with the latest Rev I Actiontec may be beneficial depending on your needs and situation.

However, IMO, if anyone is thinking about getting the Actiontec/Verizon branded MOCA bridge don't do it.
Get the Rev I router instead.

1) Cost, the MOCA bridge is about the same price as the Rev I.
2) Four gig ethernet ports instead of a single 10/100 port.
3) a wireless N access point, as opposed to none.

In short you get a lot less when buying the MOCA bridge.

The disadvantage of buying the Rev I is that you have to do some configuration, while the MOCA bridge is plug and play.

Verizon recently lowered the price of the Rev I on its own website. While the e-retail price of the MOCA bridge has remained around $70-ish.


Hey man, i had the same question a few days ago. I did a lan to lan With my netgear wireless dualband and saw only minimal improvement in wireless speeds. On wiresless,im getting between 40 and 45 out of 75 (where i get 85 wired).

Unless you plan on running a 5 gig channel, you wont see any improvement, unless of course your current performance is very poor. This is m experience with the wireless counterprt of it.