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Sandy, UT
reply to Skippy25

Re: I dont think anything has changed.

Off hand I could only view their commercials on YouTube. No disclaimer as you mentioned on the bottom. I have seen commercials from TM specifically pointing out no throttling.

The disclaimer might be in the commercial as TM _does_ still offer throttled plans:

Unlimited - Ultra—10 GB of high-speed data included
Unlimited - Premium—5 GB of high-speed data included
Unlimited Nationwide 4G — Unlimited high-speed data included on our 4G network
Unlimited - Plus—2 GB of high-speed data included
Simple—200 MB of high-speed data included

So that disclaimer would apply to some plans, but not "Unlimited/unlimited".

The main difference (as I can see) is that throttling is done on plans that offer tethering. That is, those plans include free tethering while the unlimited/unlimited plan does not offer free tethering. Personally, I kept my 5GB free thethering plan for $20/month as I realyl don't go over 5GB anyway. Unlimited/Unlimited was the same price... it just dropped teathering.

Sprint has also needed to change their commercials. They now say, "...only Sprint offers truly unlimited data for the iPhone 5". Appears that they get away with this because TM does not "offer" the iPhone 5. It's really s stretch even for a play on words.