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London, ON

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reply to dgass

Re: Another Rogers Rate Increase

said by dgass:

I never thought I would see the day that the general users in Ontario speak of wired broadband Internet data the same as wireless data. Looks like the old saying has truth that if you tell a lie long enough people start to believe it.

You are 10,000% correct. It's not that anybody believes Rogers propaganda. We all know and hate the way we're nickel and dimed to death.

But in the face of reality, if this is the way it's going to be, then let's level the playing field and go to True Usage Based Billing. If this is the way Rogers wants it then lets make them account for every penny we pay them. I want everything itemized on my monthly Internet bill right down to the last KB of usage. I want to know my Internet charges/usage right down to the last penny. Rogers is the one that started this shit not us.

What Rogers is doing now is just ripping people off under the illusion that it's UBB.

When you go buy gas you don't pump 10 litres but get charged for 50 because the service center doesn't sell 10 litres at a time. This is exactly what Rogers is doing with the internet.