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Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to jkoblovsky

Re: Copyright - Roles and Responsibilities of ISPs

said by jkoblovsky:

The privacy implications of this are huge. I've written about this, in fact I had a lengthy conversation today with an internet security expert, who pretty much is stating that there are currently no laws around data-mining. It's quite easy to obtain information and build a profile through social media sites, facebook in particular (whether it's private or not). The privacy commissioner has warned several times on this, stating that information obtained this way can lead to false profiling. This is one of the reasons why the privacy community is strongly recommending a re-write of privacy legislation to ensure that there is no misuse of consumer information.

Which in and of itself is a really good reason to NOT use Facebook & other social media sites; to always use different pseudonyms on each different site/forum you use; to use TOR or other means of obfuscating the IP trail back to you -- even if you NEVER do anything illegal.