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Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
reply to skeechan

Re: This is what happens when you abuse customers

said by skeechan:

If the ads weren't so long it wouldn't be a big deal. In the 1960's ads accounted for 9 minutes an hour. Now it is double that to 18 minutes an hour and this in on top of product placement some is obnoxiously obvious. I remember watching Fringe and they spent 15 seconds in the show showing off Ford's Sync system. The commercial breaks are so long you forget what you are watching. Some of the TLC/Discovery type channels are unwatchable now without commercial skip. It is getting so bad now that they have to show the beginning credits of one show on top the ending credits of the preceding one because they crammed so many commercials into the hour.

Of course you cram a zillion commercials an hour into programming and people will find ways to avoid it and companies will fill that market need.

Agreed. I honestly am floored at how long the commercials were for several recent NBC and CBS shows that me and my wife watched lived this week and last week.

We both felt like after a 30 minute shows, we had seen 5 minutes to actual play.

Why TV companies make shows roughly half/half of commercials/play-time is so absurd.