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Next door neighbor has Uverse service why can't we have it?

Am trying to figure out why our next door neighbor can have UVerse but At&T says we can't. We live on a dead end road. Both of our houses receive telephone service from the same AT&T line. So this doesn't make much sense to me.

One confounding issue is that on maps our street address is attached to a location a 1/8 of mile beyond our physical house (post office was drunk?) and yeah, it makes sense phone service doesn't extend to the lake.

Also, when a second phone line was added to our house last year (business, paid by employer), the tech said we could get UVerse as he just installed said neighbors service.

So any suggestions on how to get UVerse service - Service tech's can't start an order but can see that it's possible. Customer service reps can start an order but can't see that it's possible.



Union City, GA
U-Verse is a distance based service. Basically it works inside 3,000 feet from the VRAD with some exceptions. So if your neighbor is 2,999 feet away then you may be too far. But call into customer service to have someone come and do a visual inspection. Like you said the post office may have been drunk that day.

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
reply to maxaroney
Like nr said, it depends on distance.

To be honest, if your neighbor is at the outer, outer edge of the UVerse zone, I don't think you will miss the service then.....because I have my doubts as to the reliability of it being so far away.


Thanks Van and NR - this is very helpful information. We are definitely as close to the VRAD as our neighbors house, so I will be sure to request a visual inspection.

Just curious, will I have to bump up to a different level to get the visual inspection? As the CSR and her supervisor this am didn't know to offer this option.

Thanks again!


Michigan, US
reply to maxaroney
Yeah, request a ticket for an actual on-site evaluation. Sometimes their remote tools that estimate the distance get bad data from taps on the line, bad grounds, damaged wiring, etc...

The 1st line CSRs don't usually know, nor have the authorization to put in this kind of request. You can try the AT&T Direct forum, or ask to be transfered to Level 2, they can usually get things done.

Freedom isn't FREE
Simi Valley, CA
reply to maxaroney
Before going to the trouble of arranging anything, talk to your neighbor and see if it is stable and meets his expectations. You might be able to avoid getting locked into something you won't be happy with.


Thanks Stormbow. Have talked with our neighbor and they are very satisfied. They've had the service for over a year. They had initial issues shortly after install, they couldn't be happier now. (Same is true of others in our neighborhood.)

Went and measured the distance to the VRAD and it's less than 600 feet to the box on our house.


reply to Paralel
Thanks! I'll keep these suggestions in mind when I talk to them tomorrow.


Measuring distance doesn't always mean everything. We have the AT&T boxes on our lawn which are 20 feet away. On U-verse Realtime we're listed as 700 feet .


Union City, GA
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The "loop" which measures the distance from the VRAD isn't a straight line, the VRAD could be in the shadow of your house but you could be too far from the VRAD because the "loop" loops around the neighborhood and your house could be at the end of the "loop". Question does your neighbor have an INID mounted on the side of their house? An INID makes it possible so people 3,000-about 4,200 feet from the VRAD can get U-Verse with a different drop. An example of an INID is in the pic on the right.


Not sure about INID but I will check.

This isn't a neighborhood but a dead end street so there isn't any looping, it can only run along the road/drive way because most of the property is heavily forested. Pretty sure we know the path the phone line runs to our house - that's the distance I measured. Not to say that there isn't another problem. However, I do know we are the same distance from the VRAD as our neighbors (think triangle.)

Thanks for your thoughts! I'll keep them in mind.


reply to maxaroney
Keep us posted as to how the visual inspection goes.

I'm in a similar situation, I currently have Uverse but 6mbps is the fastest I can get, according to the csr. However, the street in front of mine and behind mine can get the much faster tiers.

N X T1
Richardson, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to maxaroney
A little more than a year ago,we had a similar experience,adjacent neighbors had solid service but the ATT database indicated we were too far. Arranged to have a lineman come out to do the on-site evaluation and the tech proved we were well within the acceptable limits of service

I never trust what a database may say!

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Miami, FL
reply to maxaroney
You should be blessed to not be able to get it. Stay with your cable provider. The video service is always pixelated and the internet latency is terrible.


Romulus, MI
reply to CHPMustang
I agree ATT doesn't know their own Butt from a hole in the ground. They keep sending my sister sign up letters for U verse. Guess what, they don't offer it in this area.
Mr. Donut