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York, ON
reply to Tong

Re: Voltage Versus Teksavvy, Round 2 Continued

Once Voltage gets the names, I am really curious how many people will just pay and how many will actually say take me to court. It's obvious that Voltage just wants to collect some money and they don't want any of these people to actually go to court...

I really want to see one of these cases actually go to court... if I wasn't working during the day I'd love to be in the gallery at the courthouse every day watching this case.


r3t 38x
It would be kind of funny (well for me) that to see all 2000 of them file a defense motion to go to the court and ask Voltage to cover the court cost if they can't prove them as the person who download the file.

Actually, there was a situation in Manitoba/Winnipeg sounds similar, I think like in summer 2008 we had these speed cameras on construction sites were placed at the place where people have no idea when they were actually are in the construction zone.

So, there were like 30,000 people got the ticket and most of them (me included) decided to contest in the court because we did violate the law, but we had no idea or they were caught at night time when no one is working there.

The court was getting slammed because the wait to just appear before a judge was like 8 month waiting and I was one of the first ones (because mine was throw out by the judge and then rest of the cases were dismissed).

If all 2000 people file a defense, it will definitely caught some judge's eye and probably just throw out the cases.

I remembered the company said I have over 1 million people's IP and want to sue all of them, well, we will see how well the judges will feel about them.