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Langsville, OH

Wildblue/exede usage policy validation?

I have a question that I hope someone can answer.
I know that exede counts my usage and slows me down when I exede my limit which has maxed out at 25 GB in just 8 days.
They (wildblue support) tells me that my dd-wrt counter is a third party counter and is not considered by their usage Techs to be valid. but yet my wrt54g dd-wrt compiled router reports to me that I only Used 2.4 GB in the last 8 days on my wan (jan1st-jan8th 2013) so the question is is there anybody out there checking exede's counters or do they do a in-house validation?
Just dont feel that I used 25 gb (120$/month).


Goodwater, AL
There have been several reports on wildblueworld.com of meter malfunctions. They seem to fall into two categories:

1. False usage is added to their counters when the modem is power-cycled just after the LNFZ.

2. Your valid usage during the LNFZ is erroneously added.

They will accept documented proof from the RealityRipple gadget, which fetches their actual counter numbers every 15 minutes (or at the interval you select in Options). Many customers have had usage restored to their counters, but you need proof and you need to send a PM to one of the moderators on wildblueworld.com forum, or send it as an attachment to their email account...it's best to call customer services and explain your position and ask for the email address to send your documented proof.

Download, install and configure this gadget with your email log-in name and password.

Exede12, ViaSat-1, beam 342, Albuquerque Gateway, Denver AcceleNet servers


Wilmington, DE
reply to Rocknbeth
there's no way their counter is off by 22gb. customers would be going ape. make sure your router isn't purging it's own counter.

have you done any big data in the LNFZ?


Clyde, OH
i know when I hit about 7 gigs on my 10 gig plan I GET THROTTLE DOWN!


Langsville, OH
reply to courty3210
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Hi Courty3210
I am not sure what you mean by my router purging its own counter, it just simply counts the data in and out of its wan port. All that I and my wife do online is just Facebook, a few of its games is all. I thinking that there is a hardware issue with its interface box or whatever it is called. My routers incoming internet port is connected directly to their box through its Ethernet connection. My router is a wrt54g that has been firmware rewritten to the Linux dd-wrt software. I installed the software on my router after I noticed one night that my data went from 7GB to 13GB in just a few hours. so I installed the dd-wrt software to monitor my traffic on its wan port. I do have wireless but it is secure using wpa, I live out in the country and there is no one getting into my system, my router records the dhcp addresses that it gives out so I have checked that issue. I have tried to post in wild-blue forums but am unable to create an account to post I have even tried to create an account with them at different location on different ISP's to no avail. I have called Wild blue, spent 45 minutes to get through then another 30 minutes trying to get help with this issue. the lady that I talked to was very very nice and did all that she could to resolve the issue. At last she sent my information request to their "corporate investigators" that was 2 days ago. I am at a loss in what to do. I do like the Exede's internet it is blazingly very fast. I have been around networking for a while 20 years or so, I am not a professional like most of you but I do know some. I do not believe that Wildblue is scamming anyone, I just think that my Box is buggy lol. At the end of this month I will take it back down to the 10GB account, if it stays at this rate that will be used up in about 2 days. at a loss here. But thanks for all the helps. I appreciate you:) I included a picture snap shop of my routers data usage logger.


Hello RocknBeth, I was curious if you ever reached a resolution with your Wildblue/exede service in regards to your data usage. I am also considering this service and have read through the forums and seen positive and negative reviews. I understand there will be high ping latency and the caveats involved there but my prime concern is reading about the exact issue your having where your usage skyrockets for no apparent reason. I agree with you %100 that if DD-WRT (nothing short of awesome) is showing you WAN port statistics that don't add up to what Wild Blue is telling you then there is something amiss. From my position I am interested in this service based on the sole fact that they offer LNFZ but if they can't even track my data usage accurately then I am apprehensive to sign a two year contract without knowing what to expect. I know everyone is going to to scream about satellite being last resort as I do in fact have Verizon 3g available. Right now I tether through my android device or use it's mobile hotspot and will still have that alternative which I will retain but like I said the LNFZ is an attractive option no one else is offering. Please update us on your experience thus far.


Fresno, OH

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reply to Rocknbeth
Viasat finally pulled down their usage meter after numerous complaints about it being inaccurate. Hopefully when it is restored it will be accurate and reliable. Until its return and users get a chance to test out the "new and improved usage tracking", I would not worry much about previous reports of meter inaccuracies.


Ok, thanks for the update.


Decorah, IA
Its a well known problem that many people dont notice,The meter being down is proof that its a Excede problem,They just Hate to admit that they have a faulty system.


reply to Rocknbeth
Just checked my Wildblue usage meter. It says I'm at 96%, yet I haven't received any warning emails. Kind of strange.


said by AlmontJohn:

It says I'm at 96%, yet I haven't received any warning emails.

In earlier days of Wildblue legacy, they tried (tested) an "in your face approach" with a web page coming up that warned of an impending speed doom. I got hit once with it, but it disappeared, never to be seen or heard of again.

Make sure your email address is same as they have listed. I never used Coop's email service; you know, out of sight, out of mind But, I never got fapped in seven some years.


reply to wm4bama
said by wm4bama:

Download, install and configure this gadget with your email log-in name and password.


Has anyone done this on a Mac? I followed the (lengthy) pathway to Mono and downloaded it. I'm assuming it takes Terminal to configure it for Runtime?