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Nazareth, PA

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[Speed] 50Mbps service - slow / Nazareth, PA

This was my response to RCN email tech support after unplugging modem, using reset button, etc.
Unfortunately this did not solve the problem. I have tried your method many times, including this time. I have been using »pa.speedtest.rcn.net/ to run my tests to stay consistent with you all. In the past two weeks I have not ever gotten anything close to what you are saying your tests show. Currently I use the Linksys EA6500 router. "HOWEVER" I have also run my tests via the link provided, with the cable modem connected directly to my computer via a CAT 5e cable and my NIC card is cable of 1GB speeds.
I have called tech support via phone at least 2-3 times since starting the 50Mbps service, without ever resolving this issue. It's leading me to believe I should go back down the 25Mbps service to get the same speeds I am getting now and pay less. However this isn't what I really want. I really just want the faster 50Mbps speed or at least close to it. I don't think I am being unreasonable. Nor am I one to cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble. I'm hoping we can resolve this. I work from home and I am head of IT for my workplace in VA.

Specs for my computer are as follows, so I do not think the computer is hardly the issue:
ASUS P8P67 LE Motherboard
Intel i7-2600k cpu (water-cooled)
ATI R7970 3GB graphics card
Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Encoded Mac: 78e62916b2a84b76aa072458331927919798623b


Nazareth, PA
Answered my own question. Narrowed it down to two things.
1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS 6 filter, which is installed with Kaspersky 2013 Internet Security. I turned this off when running tests.
2. RCN's test site. When I tested via speedtest.net with the antivirus filter off, the speeds were within acceptable levels compared to pa.speedtest.rcn.net/.
The speeds were almost double using speedtest.net. I also remember running tests via your old testing site and had favorable results. Not sure what's up with RCN's new test site?

I then ran the same tests with my equipment (router), netting similar favorable results