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London, ON
reply to MichelR

Re: Start Communications

said by MichelR:

said by silvercat:

said by jasmo34:

And just in case you hadn't found this yet...
DSLR Forum... »Start Communications

Better that we get more posts concerning Start Communications in the main Canadian Broadband forum. The more Start topics there are here, the better chance that the mods will move the Start forum into the main "Canadian" section -- for greater visibility.

For that to happen, people would have to stop just adding to the humongous Start thread and start new threads when they have a question.

Agreed... Start's MEGA-THREAD in CdnBB must DIE! The new-page delay is a real PITA, and confusing to new posters! Maybe when there is a new Start announcement...

Well, I'm always going to try make a new person aware of the Start Junior Forum; posts seem to be going up almost equally in both forums lately.

I'm actually quite happy to see 'no posts' in the Start forum for periods of a day or two. That probably means no big problems, and/or their phone/email/website support systems are working well!

A lot of the heavy Teksavvy traffic in the early days was probably MLPPP-related.