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Waterdown, ON
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Re: What happens when travel insurance rejects your claim

said by Gone:

said by dirtyjeffer:

from what i gather from your statements (which makes sense), people fill out the form, leave things out, so they get the $300 insurance rate instead of the $1000 insurance rate...then if a problem happens, complain about the coverage being denied due to a pre-existing condition (or failure to disclose)...i realize that wasn't the case in peterboro's example, but i think in many others it could be.

I think that's an overly simplistic view. I suspect in a lot of cases people either don't remember, or don't know how to accurately answer. One shouldn't confuse malice with ignorance.

This is true, most of the times people just forget what they take their meds for. alot of people dont even know why they take certain meds, thats scary.

But there are some that do refuse to answer honestly and then get dinged, but it's a small number, rarely even, we can tell when someone lied just by their tone of voice when we confront them about it.