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Brampton, ON

Internet solutions?


I live north of Brampton, and basically the only internet connection i can get is DSL from Bell. The connection speed is 5mbps which would be okay if i was the only one living at the house. Having people stream TV, and sitting on their laptops really lags me. I cant watch youtube videos above 360p without buffering and sometimes that buffers too. The same lag goes for when i am in game.

So i've called Bell and asked if its possible to obtain faster connection (No its not), i called rogers to see if they can run a cable to my house (No they wont). Bell high speed and rogers cable are 100 meters from my house but once you cross Embleton Rd on the way to my house, there are no rogers cable or high speed DSL from bell.

I would like to know if there is anything i can do to obtain faster internet connection at my house. Im hoping someone would have some insight into this matter

Edit:I should have posted in Canadian Broadband but it just seemed a good place since im with Bell.


Get another line lol.


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reply to KonVirus
Mlppp with teksavvy (2*6mbps) for 12/1.6 but pretty expensive, im in the same situation, but all my area code has only 6mbps dsl,

Ps, theres is only 1 area code for all the town , so if they want to put fiber on pots for all the postal code, they would need to do the whole town -_-