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max pl

Hyde Park, NY
reply to Bones13

Re: [Internet] [OOL] Problem with xbox live for about 4 months

1. Go to BestBuy and buy a router and compare the performance to current router. If the problem persists, return the new router.

2.Do a system reset on the Xbox and reset the old router to new as well.

3.Enable UPnP and all other Xbox ports via the new/old router.

4. Try a new ethernet cord if your using a wired connection.

If none of that helps, report back


Ok, lets see...

1. At the moment, i have a Netgear WNDR3700v3 which was a replacement an older netgear router when i began to have the problems. Even after replacing the older netgear router, the problem was still very much there and didn't get better.

2. I've reset my xbox a few times when on the phone with xbox reps. No change.

3. My first thought was it might of been the cord i was playing on, so i replaced it with long, and short cords and even tried wifi. Once again, still there.

4. As for UpnP and ports, UPnP is currently on but i don't have port forwarding or triggering all forwarded at the moment. I have my xbox DMZed which should do everything port forwarding would. I've tried port forwarding in the past though and it didn't really fix my problem.

5. At this point i've completely taken the router out of the equation, and just directly plugged my xbox into my modem so i guess we can take out next steps from there. Even with it having a direct modem connection, the problem still seems to say around : /