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Van Horn, TX

Van Horn Texas

Pay for 13 meg down getting a little less then 1 for the last few months, Dont get me wrong, It's better then most on this board as I actually do get around 10 sometimes during the day, if I hold my head right..and stand on one foot. I am so sick of calling, I just cant call anymore. I do love when they say "I'll send a tech to your home" Why? I have been in the it buss alot longer then he has. I think I know where the problem is and its not on my end. 500 feet from me is an RV park I maintain, They have 2 13 meg acounts same problem. Have to actually hook my droid phone to their computers most days so they can check people in and out and take credit cards, and reservations...truly sad. Also sad that my 3g (dont have 4 out here) is faster most times then my windstream is right now.
DW, Gate srs, Winblows XP Pro, P4 2.2, 512 ddr,