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reply to Cptbeatstix

Re: Tank reforging.

What do you mean by control reforging?
I reforge for mastery when I'm not reforging for hit/expertise. Typically anything that has Parry on it, I reforge to something else. This is what I did in Cata and it seems to still work for Mists. Dodge and Parry are still subject to diminishing returns. So while reforging to be a dodge tank might seem fun for healers because they are not popping their big heals after a hard hit and instead keeping HoTs on you... eventually after DRs have run out, you'll be hit and hit hard since mastery is probably low. (also depends on class and what Mastery does for you)
I still play like Mastery is my trump for all my tanks. I'd rather give the healer something they have to moderately heal, rather than a target that once in a while they're spamming their fast heals to get me topped off after taking that huge hit that passes dodge/parry.


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Control reforging is moreso dps tanking by keeping hit and expertise at 7.50%. Avoidance is mastery stacking for block and just reforging to make sure you have that good split between dodge and parry.
So the tanks you see pulling like 50ish k dps, more than likely are "control" tanks. Those tanks can be pretty squishy since they don't exactly stack for block.

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I usually call "control" builds as "threat" builds not being hit/expertise capped really hurts your threat generation specially when you see mages and other retarded classes putting insane numbers. Obviously a dead tank generates zero threat but you need to balance your avoidance stats after you cap your hit and expertise.

On my druid I am going more for a crit build which lets you generate a ton of rage.
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I actually saw a druid that had a lot of items reforged to crit. So im assuming this build is to maintain constant dodge buff. Makes sense. Again, multiple sets of gear for different situations. For example, high dodge works against swings, but if the boss does a bleed effect, higher mastery would mitigate more of the physical damage from it. So a mastery build would mitigate the bleeds more but a crit build could provide more healing to offset the increased damage.

A good maintank alwayss (and i repeat always) keeps extra peices of gear for specific situations. I have done so since Vanilla WoW for tanking purposes. Before it was for fight mechanics and raid composition. Now composition doesnt matter as much but fight mechanics do and how well your group can handle certain situations (enrage, mass amounts of damage).

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Yep, smart druids are going for highest RPS builds.


Good to know. Again, been a week since i was 85 so im still growing. Just entered LFR for the first time yesterday and it went fine. This expa i have no plans on progression raiding (at the time being) so LFR will probably be it.

Guess ill look at my items and see what i need for RPS increases.