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Waterdown, ON

[TV] How is it Possible I do NOT get my station?

Hello all...

I have watched NBC news for over 40 years, and I use 714 the NBCHD channel. I ensured that I got it and also of course had to get the HD receiver....all this costs $.

Tonite for the second time in 6 weeks, when I go to 714 to see my news's GlobalTV. No message on screen, no notice or message sent to me either.

Further, when I called tech support, I was told "oh yeah sorry, we know about that...not our fault...."

But in fact it is. I buy my tv from Cogeco, so their failure to deliver what I pay for means to me, that they ARE at fault.

I asked the tech guy for a credit. Denied. I asked to speak to his Supervisor then, i.e. to escalate this as I am pretty upset by this.

He then asked me for my account name/address...and said "oh, okay...I've just credited your account" - with what and for what kind of recompense I have no idea.

So, my can this happen? Is this not a fully automated service? Why? Why does this happen? Who in bloody hell is responsible for this?




Oakville, ON
Does it happen to switch to GlobalTV every day and at every timeslot?

If not, it can be what they call channel switching, wherein one channel switches it's feed to another broadcaster to display a specific program. Typically I see this a lot when watching a specific show that two channels simultaneously are playing, so one channel picks up the other's broadcast and switch in for their own localized advertisements when the time comes. These switches can happen at the wrong time due to human error at the broadcaster end, but again, nowadays you'd be right, they should mostly be automated, but even automated systems can fail (due to being made by humans)

I know this is a fairly common occurrance, but there can be times (at least I'd say this is more rare) that the cable provider (not the broadcaster) can be having issues on their end.

In terms of who is responsible, it depends on the case. Typically if people call in to report an issue like this, I'd assume that information would get passed along to the proper people to investigate, especially if enough people call in about it

MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
said by RedMageX:

If not, it can be what they call channel switching, wherein one channel switches it's feed to another broadcaster to display a specific program.

Its actually not called "channel switching" - thats what happens when you push the up or down button on your remote control. It's called Simultaneous Substitution - or SimSub.

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Occasionally the switch happens at the wrong time. Regardless, it is required by law, as explained in the article.
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Waterdown, ON
Oh....okay, got it.

But why for heavens sake would Cogeco allow this "sub" to happen when its WRONG? Do they not have any control over same....or even a bloody phone # to call whomever runs Global to tell them to get OFF the NBCHD channel 714?

Far as I know, Global should NEVER be on 714 as that is suppsedly a ded NBCHD why would that happen?

And...if anyone also knows what my "credit" would be, that'd be cool to know too!

What you are paying for is not for Cogeco to deliver to you NBCHD. What you are paying for is for Cogeco to deliver to you what NBCHD has delivered to them. It's a small difference, but a very important one.


Waterdown, ON
too bad I cant charge NBC!!!!