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Los Angeles, CA

Typical Fix Time on a Overutilized Node?

I have been having persistent slow down during peak usage periods 5-11pm on my connection since about October. After numerous visits by techs, I finally was able to get one to call the engineering department to check the utilization on my node, and it has been at 100%.

On Nov 30'th they opened a "trouble ticket" with the engineering department and had no ETA on a fix time. I called in Monday 1/7 and was told that there was still no ETA on fix. Though I was issued a credit for internet service for the previous month. They then told the me that they would credit my account while the problem continued and I should check back in at the end of the month to see if the problem continued.

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to mine and how long it took to resolve the matter? I also was wondering if I should just bite the bullet and order ATT uverse and what the latency is like on that network in my area, 90027?


San Antonio, TX

Might be a few months depending on how things are run in your area. Permits might be a big delay. For a maybe temp fix if you have a docsis 2 modem swap it for a docsis 3 that will help out.

Charlotte, NC
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Took them 9 months to realize my node was over subscribed back in 2009.

Probably, what, 300 homes, maybe more running off this one hub and not a soul was complaining. Except me.

Really sucked. But keeping after them (and getting some anonymous information on how to contact the higher ups helped) worked some magic.

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Franklin, OH
reply to mrtheox

6-8 weeks after they finally acknowledged the issue. That was after about 3 weeks of me calling and doing the tech dance with them.
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took me 3 months, bombed the direct form with traceroutes, line monitors from here, and another line monitoring website


Norfolk, VA
reply to mrtheox

There are so mant things involved it would not be possible for anyone outside of their data engineering and design department to give you a timetable. Nodes are constantly being split, but it is not something that can just be done. Headend has to have the equipment available, hopefully they have extra fiber already to the existing node, but with colorshift ability that could be a moot point.

Physically splitting the node can be done overnight once everything else is ready.