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Clarenville, NL

Gigaset SE567

Hello all, first post here.

I've read a lot online about how awful this router is. I'm currently renting a basement apartment and the wireless internet was included by my landlord as part of the deal. Problem is most nights I can't stay connected to this router for longer than 30 minutes. Tonight it has gone down every 5 minutes since I got off of work (can see this happening when logged into the router).

I'm not the most technical savvy person in the world, but there is definitely something very wrong here. I notice it mostly when using XBox because it tosses me out of everything. However it is still quite a nuisance when browsing and having to toggle the wifi to get it to reconnect.

Wondering if there is any solution to this? I've thought about mentioning this to my landlord but I know they are having a rough time with sick family members and don't want to be a nuisance to them, especially since obviously they haven't noticed this issue or don't care because it would have been fixed by now if not.

Anything I can do by logging into the router or anything?

When it goes down it says Down (not trained) and it seems like everything loses connection, wireless and the wired connection as well. Atleast thats how I interpreted it if that helps any.
Thanks for reading.


Hello! And welcome to the forums!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this a Telus modem and not a Bell modem?


Clarenville, NL

It is a Bell modem. Telus may have also used it though, and still may, I'm not sure.

In the router it's listed as "Sagemcom SE567/8"


reply to dydx
Bell Alliant ?


Clarenville, NL
That's correct


Clarenville, NL
Just to add more info, when I log into the router and "check to see if it's working properly", there is a red X that goes through "Network Connection" but the Wireless usually still has a green checkmark. Not sure if this helps any. Hoping that there is something I can do about it though.