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reply to An0nym0us

Re: Voltage Versus Teksavvy, Round 2 Continued

said by An0nym0us :

said by ChuckcZar :

With the present real estate crash this gives owners even more incentive to sell before losing their house/houses and declaring personal bankruptcy. Renting is in and owning is out for probably the better part of the next 25 years. Remember the owner gets the letter not the renter. Renters will be the *new* upper class.

you're kidding right?

you get a net account you get one in your name
thats yours not suddenly a home owners liability cause if that the case as its his house he can then bar you form allowing cable or phone lines into your rooms ....
and paint the walls to prevent wireless signals.

ME thinks that won't be popular...NOR is the law....

you own a car , i rent it and smash it
your saying the owner of the car is liable?
LOL nope i am....