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reply to Rakeesh

Re: [AZ] Unreliable HSI service today

If you're seeing packet loss to the modem and I assume it's a direct connection that you're either having a fault with the Ethernet cord or the modem itself is faulty. Correlation does not imply causation in regards to other people having the same problem. Fastest and cheapest way would be first try a different Ethernet cord, but those aren't prone to fault unless you have a pet that enjoys eating them. Get another modem.


Mesa, AZ
·Sprint Mobile Br..
·Cox HSI
I already tried replacing the cable with a known good cable yesterday, as well as putting that cable through a tester. (I do networking as a career so I have a bunch of tools.)

The modem I have is somewhat flaky. Ever since I bought it (2 years ago?) the internal web server stops working after so long of uptime until you power cycle it. Other than that, it has always worked fine.

Anyways I've had dstat running nonstop, and I've only seen one outage since the last one I posted. The problem may have gone away, I'll check it again tomorrow.


Tempe, AZ
I had terrible service yesterday as well. I live in Tempe, around 5th and Mill just west of the train tracks. It appears this morning everything is back to normal.


Mesa, AZ
reply to Rakeesh
Looks like I haven't seen any more outages (logs running all night long don't show any) whatever it was, it seems fixed now.