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[Help Me] natting in d link di-lb604

hi all

I have a requirement to access the client pc through citrix remote desktop. i have provided with the source and destination ip addresses from the client.

i wanted to configure that on my router. but i didn't find any NAT settings on my router other than port natting. can any one help me with this?

please reply asap.


Boise, ID
You might see if there is any custom options for using Firewall or maybe port forwarding?

This router is and older model which might not support such customization of NAT'g.

This model has been phased out and no longer supported.

I would recommend getting into a newer model router if you can't get this to work with the DI.

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reply to vinu
I retired my DI-LB604 about 5 years ago, so I could not connect to it to get a screen shot, but I think that the screen shot below taken from the on-line emulator at » ··· zard.htm will show you where to find the Virtual Server setup page to do what you want to do.

If you are looking for a specific menu selection for Citrix, you won't find it, but you can create your own Citrix Virtual Server entry and manually enter the proper ports to be forwarded yourself.
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