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Re: Is 4K going to catch on any better than 3D?

said by zod5000:

How often to TV makers expect people to replace their TV's? Color SD TV's reigned supreme for the 70s to the early 00s. Often replaced only upon death or a significant size upgrade.

Today's LED/LCD displays have a much shorter life expectancy than yesterday's CRTs. So, I'm sure manufacturers are hoping for a ~5-7 year replacement cycle.
said by zod5000:

I'm not sure 4k will be any more successfull. There's not too much content. It only benefits really big TV's. Even at 70" the quality gain over 1080p is minimal.

Just like HD, a majority of the 4k content will come after a huge marketing push and consumers starts purchasing the equipment. And yes, 4k will be overkill for most consumers, but never underestimate the marketing power of determined companies

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
4k is pretty awesome but yea at the typical home screen size which I am guessing is 40-50" in the average home, I doubt someone can tell 4k from say the original Blu-Ray release of Avatar which was effectively as uncompressed as possible on BDROM.

I do not think until you break 80" one will be able to tell 4k from 1080p.

However you are very right about marketing. "UltraHD" will have sets flying off the amazon loading docks.(I would say out the doors but by the time 4k is affordable, Best Buy will likely be gone.)
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reply to openbox9
gaming will be there real driver of 4K as said for live action stuff 1080p looks fine 99% of the time but for gaming PC or console 4K means needing less AA to make things look good