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Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to zod5000

Re: Is 4K going to catch on any better than 3D?

Content will be a big issue for 4K Ultra HD. Cable and Satellite have had enough trouble delivering standard HD resolutions, and the current codecs they are using aren't capable of pushing even higher resolutions with a reasonable amount of bandwidth. They already have HD so compressed in many situations that any motion at all causes noticeable pixelation, especially if you are too close to the TV.

Newer codecs will help, but the bandwidth requirements will still be very high. Also, this will require infrastructure upgrades which takes time and money, and will increase service costs even more during a time where people are dropping pay TV service.

People are moving away from physical media distribution, and aren't likely to give up on the convenience of streaming for a better picture when what they have now is good enough.

Streaming will also be an issue for many people for obvious reasons. Streaming this content would destroy any capped Internet plans, and a huge number of connections aren't fast enough even with some of the most aggressive compression.