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Re: [Speed Issues] slow speed + reboots every night in Rosemead,

I am also in Rosemead and am getting slow speeds those exact times. From 7 to 12. I get some disconnects to but am not sure if it's my modem or router. I am getting tired of this lag and want to look for other providers but all we get is ATT or Charter. Is the only way to contact charter is to call them now?


Rosemead, CA

I have tried to call them so many times about it. They never actualyl fix it. They come and say on lets take a look at your line, and it looks fine. They never actually admit that the node is overloaded, which is what im pretty sure the problem is.

I don't know how to have to escalated, because i'm tired of having a charter truck come to my house every time I call, and i have to take time off work just to have them do pretty much nothing.

Perhaps naive1016, you can call in too. Hopefully with enough DIFFERENT customers calling within the same area about similar issues, they will realize. What is the general area in Rosemead you are in? (cross streets)