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Houston, TX
reply to telcodad

Re: New Guides for SA/Cisco Areas (Info from Ted Hodgins Blog)

The following post is from Comcast's Ted Hodgins, Sr. Director, Video Product Development - Navigation, in Media & Entertainment, "New Features for Scientific-Atlanta/Cisco Cable Boxes" blog. Telcodad posted the link in another thread.

01-09-2013 03:12 PM

MikeWolf wrote:

Why is New Jersey never on the forefront of testing out new technologies and software and guides? It always seems like we're the last to get anything. It's always areas like New England or Philly or states in the Southwest for examples. I can't remember I time that New Jersey ever got anything before the rest of the country, and when I say "New Jersey" I don't mean the suburbs right outside Philly, I'm talking about areas such as down at the Jersey Shore in the Ocean County/Toms River area zip codes 08722, 08753, 08754, 08755, 08756, and 08757.

I'm hearing rumors from various Comcast employees such as line technicians, service technicians, X1 engineers, even payment center staff that Comcast plans to phase out Cisco and SA headend equipment and set top boxes in favor of Motorola equipment, which makes sense since the X1 equipment is generic and will work on both systems showing up as legacy SA set tops and new Motorola set tops.

Then there is the question of when or if the X1 interface is ever going to be brought to the Cisco RNG200N DVR set tops as I'm hearing rumors that the Guide 2.0 might be coming to the Cisco RNG200N DVR but also rumors that it will not and just the S26 update and no further development will occur. Just wh at is included in the S26 update as your post doesn't specifically say if it's the S26 update or not.

When will external eSATA DVR expanders larger then 1TB be supported? » ··· storage/

I'm also confused that if Guide 2.0 comes to the Cisco RNG200N DVR that it may or may not require the XR2 remote. I went to the XR2 remote website and the link to "supported devices" such as evidenced in questions 10 and 13 » ··· te/#FAQs is completely useless and just links back to the page you came from » ··· _Devices

Another question is the availability of AnyPlay. What Cisco/SA set top boxes will be supported? The X1 set tops? The Cisco RNG200N DVR set tops? Neither?

Do you know when or if Comcast is ever going to complete the national channel lineup so regardless of which Comcast serving area someone goes to the channels (excluding local channels) will all be in the same lineup?
Hello MikeWolf.

Thanks for your questions.

As a company, we have several markets that we have identified as being our trial markets. Those areas are staffed accordingly and have the additional necessary equipment and additional manpower to assist with trialing of our new products. Some areas are first, some areas are last. Every area thinks they are the last to get new products. Our Motorola areas of New Jersey were one of the first to get AnyRoom DVR as well as the most recent version of the guide software. Believe me, it’s nothing personal against NJ. I love NJ and Toms River. Our SA-Cisco customers have always had the option to connect an external DVR via the e-SATA port; we are just getting that feature activated for our Motorola devices .

The sequence of product deployments hinges on many factors; some of those include other higher priority customer and business impacting projects, contractual issues, legal issues, weather, staffing, prerequsite upstream projects, any moratoriums around holidays and big events where we don’t want to impact our customers and the business.

I am not aware of any immediate plans to phase out any Cisco-SA headend equipment and set top boxes. That sort of project would require substantial capital dollars as well as customer and business disruption and take some significant time.

The X1 Experience will be able to run just fine on a Cisco RNG 200 DVR once we get to the point where we can deliver that product to existing boxes already in the home.

On-Screen Guide 2.0 was a short-term bridge for us to deliver AnyRoom DVR and an improved experience to some limited Cisco markets while the X1 Experience was getting ready for wide deployment. Many features, functionality and customer feedback from On-Screen Guide 2.0 were fine- tuned and included in the X1 Experience.

We don’t have any additional areas where we will be moving ahead with On-Screen Guide 2.0.That guide will continue to be supported in the areas where it is deployed until we deliver those areas the X1 Experience.

The X1 Experience is the eventual goal for all of our high-end cable boxes regardless of geography or existing plant infrastructure. We do have the X1 Guide running in customer homes in SA-Cisco areas of New Hampshire and with employees in SA-Cisco areas in New Jersey.

We may explore plans to support eSATA DVR expanders larger than 1 TB. That would require a firmware update to support. Our goal this year is to be able to use the cloud for DVR recordings. The X1 Experience is expected to have a cloud DVR opportunity where individual DVR recordings are not stored on the in-home device. This cloud DVR experience would really negate the need for a limited and physically in-the-home external hard drive and all boxes could be AnyRoom DVRs. Plus the opportunity to retain your DVR recordings should you move or you need to replace the DVR.

The XR2 remote is included with all of our On-Screen Guide 2.0 and X1 Experience installations. On-Screen Guide 2.0 is not scheduled for NJ. The XR2 remote control will also be the default remote control for the HD-DTA device. I’ll look into getting the circular link corrected that you referenced.

AnyPlay is working quite well today with customers on both SA/Cisco and Motorola plants. AnyPlay is not tied to a specific box type or plant infrastructure. AnyPlay is not currently available in NJ and a lot of northeast locations at this time I don’t have any new information to share on the availability in your area at this time.

You should start to see additional areas gradually move towards a national channel lineup implementation for channels above 100 during this year.

Thanks again for your patience and feedback as we work to improve the experience.

» ··· 7#M63740
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Houston, TX

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