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Valencia, PA

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Re: ebay: Item not as described, your advice?

Have you considered it might just be you? I have read a number of complaints you have posted and to be perfectly honest, I have a hard time believing anyone could targeted as much as you claim. My kids prod me to buy all sorts of shit, last year on Amazon and ebay it was over 10k from cameras to iDevices, scanners, test equipment, amps, signal generators, new and used oscilloscope and anything else you can think of. In my business I purchase shit from e-bay all day long. In the hundred or so transactions last year alone, I didn't have one problem. The only issue I had buying was with a seller on this forum, and I was able to get my money back. The only issue I had selling was because the buyer failed to ready the listing where it said in big bold red letters, that they might be buying a paperweight because I have no way to test test the unit for functionality in the actual unit it goes in. Not everyone is out to fuck you.