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Mississauga, ON
reply to RLBL

Re: Why Do you stay?

For the light user which doesn't do all that much. Rogers is probably fairly good.
For those who like to do alot of heavy traffic... say 8 hours of HD Netflix each day, Get the latest games off Steam(5-10GB each), Windows Updates (another 1 GB), Loop some 10 hour long version of gangnam style in 1080p youtube(someone might just do this...)

If you heavily exceed the small usage limits Rogers puts on most packages... it's not worth the cost.

True wholesalers are great in price, but the large companies they wholesale from always makes things difficult when something is wrong with the actual connection to the isp...

Lets go for a Niche scenario where an Indepent ISP which works as a wholesaler might be nicer. You live a long distance apart, but want to feel close, so you decide to have a video chat open 24/7 Assuming a low quality steam.. that's 480kbit a sec... if you leave it open all the time that's up to 171GB by itself.

Okay enough with the possibly unrealistic use cases.. here is a real one. Each Blu-ray disc is about 25GB. 12 discs will consume your entire usage on the highest tier rogers offers. (3 for the lower tiers)