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West Tenness
reply to trparky

Re: You know...

said by trparky:

At this point, I'd rather go back to 3G/HSDPA+ with either AT&T or T-Mobile and drop Verizon since 4G LTE is one hell of a battery hog at this moment.

If one is to believe at&t they should have most of their areas covered with LTE within the next year.

Most of the phones contain first or second generation LTE modem chips which drains your phone's battery like nothing I've ever seen before.

I don't have such issue on my LG Lucid which isn't exactly high end. Also if you're not using data then turn off the 4G.

And besides, I live in a market that's supposedly all upgraded and that according to Verizon, I should have 4G LTE everywhere. Not so. I've been into areas of my market that are quite affluent and where the people have money. 4G LTE coverage? Nope, only 3G.

Actually Verizon says it will have it's entire 3G footprint covered with 4G by the end of 2013. All MARKETS will have some 4G by mid 2013. My area has 4G, but not every TOWER in my area has 4G. Bit a difference.

Also coverage is not guaranteed indoors and the coverage maps can not take into account things like building and trees that may block a signal.

And 3G is next to useless, speeds such. I drop calls all the time.

3G is for data. Calls go out over 1X.