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Haymarket, VA

[Signals] signal issue - ongoing, no solution yet

Beginning on Jan 1 I have been having slow ping turn around times (between 200-2400ms) and large percentages of packet loss (3-25%). I have worked with Comcast tech support and have had a tech at my house. All that has been determined is that the issue is NOT my computer, my router, my modem, my house wiring, or anything between my house and the outside cabling (at the road). I have tried to get a status for the "maintenance" group ticket and keep getting told I need to place a special request ticket and have another tech to my house.

Unfortunately, I work from home and require voip (which will only operate with times under 150ms). My "official" office is out of state and as this issue is not repaired, I have had to leave home for a week to work... I cannot get a status on my issue, it is not fixed (according to my husband, who's at home).


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El Dorado Hills, CA
If you rely on the connection for work, you should get business class. You will get same day tech visits for one thing, and they would be much less likely to let an issue like that slide (though it's not a guarantee).

You can try posting to the Comcast Direct forum, which is visible only to Comcast employees. Include your account number, name and address and a summary of the issue along with any support ticket #'s you have tracking the issue.
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reply to alhalko
Signal levels and linw quality test form this websites tools please?
Signal levels should be available from also logs if possible.