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Re: Why Do you stay?

said by RLBL:

I understand that with the resellers, if things are working:great... if anything goes wrong, you are on your own (I am a previous DSL customer who had to leave a reseller because Bell was jerking me around...)... but are there more reasons (consistency/quality of service, uptime, downtime(s) etc...)

Just to start, they're actually wholesalers not resellers.

But to answer your question, I stay for 3 reasons:

1) I have no complaints about service. Haven't had downtime in as long as I can remember

2) I have no complaints about price. Full price is expensive, but it's so easy to get retention discounts to bring things to a reasonable level.

3) I have no other options (or didn't when I signed my last contract). At the time my only options were Bell's 5mbps/800kbps connection (available through Bell or any number of wholesalers), or Rogers (no wholesalers in my area at the time). Since I could get WAAAY faster internet for about the same price as 5/800 from Teksavvy, I made the switch. There's now Rogers wholesalers in my area, so I may switch in the future, but it's going to be hard if Rogers still has 70% discount retentions offers at that time...