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Marysville, OH

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Measure CenturyLink speed issues, new SpeedTest SpeedWave

EDIT 2: I've started tinkering with My Connection Server as a test platform to do some data collection. There are automated bandwidth monitoring agents that can integrate with this if anyone is interested, but at a minimum everyone can do a standard web test at the following URL:


Results here:


You can filter on IP and export to chart, excel, etc.

Note that this is recording your source IP address as part of the performance data it collects. If you don't want that at least loosely associated with your affiliation to this website, don't use the above links.

--- original note below ---

EDIT: This may not be as useful as I thought. SpeedTest doesn't provide individual test results for a user, just the aggregate. Still participate if you like, of course...more data is more better. Thanks!

Hi Folks,

I'm actually working (again) on a bit more 'robust' method of regularly collecting performance information, but until then I've set up a new speedwave on speedtest.net.

If anyone in here is frustrated with performance issues, especially folks from Ohio that are seeing terrible degradation in performance during peak hours, please use the following URL to start your speedtest:


Click 'Join This Speed Wave' at the top right to have your test results recorded as part of this speed wave. You can do this as many times as you like, preferably both during 'good' times and 'bad' times.

If you create a login, it will help correlate test results so we can see your performance vary over time...but if you don't want to do that, some data is better than no data.



Bremen, IN

Was trying to run speedtests every few minutes to show how much my connection changes. One of them didn't register to the SpeedWave so i am posting link to result.



Marysville, OH

It's starting to get ugly here, too.

If you don't mind coughing up your IP address, you can run this speed test that i set up:


Then on the results page, you can filter for just your IP address at the top, and see a nice chart of your speed over whatever time frame: